Event Cover

Our aim is to work with event organisers to provide first aid cover in line with the needs of the event. Every event is different due to the venue, activities taking place, type of crowd, time of year etc. Our experienced staff will work with organisers to ensure adequate cover is provided. The event organiser will need to complete our booking form which will basically outline the event, although we will need more information comprising of a risk assessment and event overview. This information is particularly important if it is a new event or an existing event that has changed in a substantial way. Our staff will use the ‘Purple Event Safety Guide’ produced by the Event Industry Body and other guides to medical care such as the AAA Guide to sports. These give guidance on the provision of first aid & medical cover. This will then allow us to suggest levels of first aid cover required, numbers of first aiders, equipment and vehicles. We always try to send both first aiders and advanced first aiders to all events as this allows us to provide a higher standard of care. It is though the event organiser`s responsibility to ensure the level of cover is in their view sufficient.

We do not charge for our Community Event Services which covers community and charity events as we feel this allows every event to benefit from first aid cover. Clearly though we need funds to operate and develop our services, we therefore welcome donations from event organisers, and we find that most people are generous in supporting our charity. We do have to levy a charge for Large Commercial Events when we must deploy first aiders and resources over a long time period often for several days with 24-hour cover. We always aim to make our charges inexpensive and clear to aid the budgeting of event organisers.

We have over 70 members which mean we can provide cover to several events at the same time. However our members are volunteers with work and family responsibilities so it is very important to book with us early - we would suggest at least 3 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

During the pandemic events were stopped by government regulation but since then the number of events has risen sharply. In the year from July 1st 2021 – 30th June 22 we attended 269 events compared to only 43 events as we came out of Covid. In the year 1st July 2022 to 30th June 2023 that figure has jumped to 388 and with many being large events this makes it our busiest year on record.

We provide cover to a range of events such as:

  • Sutton on Trent Festival
  • Newark & Nottinghamshire County Show
  • Battle of Britain and Remembrance Day Parades
  • Tech Fest 5 day rock festival
  • Athletics and other sports at Newark YMCA Sports Village
  • Nottinghamshire Schools Cross Country
  • International Antique & Collectors Fairs
  • Southwell 5 day Folk Festival
  • European Juggling Convention (12 day event)
  • Normous Newark Auto Jumble
  • RAF National Equitation Event
  • Newark Air Museum events


We are having to consider the guidance issued by the Event Industry Forum who have issued new guidelines for the organisation of events during the pandemic after consultation with the Government.

We also must consider the protection of our volunteers and the patients we treat in respect of social distancing, access to first aid posts, personal protective equipment, and procedures for managing COVID19 patients.

This requires us to make alterations to our risk assessment and Medical Plans for events – this may result in increased resources and manpower being deployed to an event.

We would therefore urge event organisers to contact us early and consider the additional work, resources and manpower when considering the level of donation being made.

To make a booking request please send basic details via email: events.courses.ncfa@outlook.com