First Aid Treatment Centre

The current first aid treatment post at Newark Showground is housed in a portacabin which is nearing the end of its operational life The fabric of the building is deteriorating and though we can take some remedial action we are keen to replace with a new modular building by June 2022. The new building will provide hygienic, warm and private facilities for the treatment of patients. The Centre will cost £75,000. It will comprise a large treatment area divided into 3 bays, each with handwash facilities, all walls, ceilings, doors are wipeable with bonded nonslip flooring. A fully accessible toilet and sluice is in the treatment area along with an office and storage. The building will be fully accessible with an ambulance loading bay. Staff areas will provide enhanced facilities for our volunteers who often provide 24 hour cover at events sometimes for several days. These will comprise a min-kitchen, rest room that can convert to sleeping accommodation, toilets and shower.

We have commenced fundraising - our first event 5kMAY raised £1,731:00.

You could support us by purchasing a £1 Raffle Ticket every week at . You could win £25,000 and we benefit 50p of every ticket sale as long as you choose us as your cause.

COVID 19 Emergency

As a member of the Local Resilience Forum Volunteer Cell our members were activated in March to support health and social care. We started to receive requests for help with shopping and medication deliveries within days of the first lockdown. We quickly put into place new systems and procedures, and throughout April and May had between 10 and 12 volunteers available to help with tasks. We started to see requests for transport to GP and Hospital appointments coming in and these requests grew as time passed. We put together a team to provide daily telephone wellness checks on vulnerable adults on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council Adult Social Care - a service we provided for 18 weeks. Our volunteers found helping the community at this difficult time extremely rewarding. Feedback from those who had received telephone checks was incredibly positive and was clearly appreciated. During the first lockdown all of our members kept focused as they completed distance learning training and face to face training was replaced by ZOOM. A great deal of training was completed by our volunteers and our training team worked on putting together e-learning courses. These e-learning courses developed from scratch have helped us to re-launch workplace training as restrictions were eased. The first event after Lockdown was the IACF Antique Fair on 29th June 2020, with workplace first aid training restarting on 6th July 2020.The lockdown announced in December 2020 stopped all events again though workplace training continued. In January our volunteers were asked to help provide first aid cover at Newark Vaccine Centre alongside Newark Responders. May 17th 2021 saw the restarting of events as some normality started to return as the government roadmap slowly eased lockdown.

Funds & Donations

With a complete stop on training and events from mid-March to the end of June we like many other charities saw no income from our normal income streams. We have though been very grateful for donations large and small from our members and supporters. We received, completely unexpectedly, a very generous donation of over £700 from the crew of the Armada Kraken an offshore support ship operating in the North Sea. The Nottinghamshire and Newark Masonic Lodges gave us £1,800 to purchase 2 new defibrillators. One of our members Paul Hudson and one of our Trustees Dr Peter Crookes made generous personal donations. Recently we have received £500 from Brandon Mersh, a donation from the Gusto Construction Community Fund. These, plus a number of personal donations and a £1,500 grant from Nottinghamshire County Council for our COVID community work helped us to stabilise our funds until we were able to restart workplace first aid and cover a limited number of events. We have new projects planned for 2021 but these will depend on our cash reserves - we appreciate any donations - please see our fundraising page. One way you can help us with funds is if you are shopping on-line through Amazon. Please support us on and select Newark Community First Aid for Amazon to donate a percentage of the sale to us! You will not pay anymore, and delivery will not be affected.

Annual General Meeting

In September 2020 we held our Annual General Meeting - different to normal with limited face to face attendance plus ZOOM and a mix of postal and proxy voting. The AGM covered the year ending June 30th 2020, which included the first Lockdown period. Dr Margaret McDougald chaired the AGM. The Trustees Annual Report outlined the successes and challenges of the year which included the period of lockdown due to COVID19. The Report outlined that the first 8½ months to middle March 2020 had been phenomenally successful for the charity with the busiest period ever for events, the largest event covered to date was the European Juggling Convention in August 2019, and this increase in events led to more patients treated than any other year since the charity was formed. Demand for Workplace First Aid training had surged, and the Christmas Raffle had exceeded expectations. This had led to the best financial results for the charity allowing the purchase of a new £60,000 Mobile First Aid Post/Ambulance delivered in January 2020. The Trustees Report outlined the challenges of the pandemic and the great work undertaken by our volunteers in support of those vulnerable in the community. Even though the charity operated its normal services for just over 8 months of the year the tremendous work done by the volunteers in that time can be seen by the statistics.
♦   1,321 people received training on FREE Community First Aid Courses held in Newark and 23 villages.
♦   Candidates on Workplace First Aid courses increased by 62.5% against the previous full year.
♦   239 events were covered, 111 cancelled due to COVID - had the year continued it would have been the busiest on record.
♦   Despite lockdown volunteers gave 9,592 hours of service at events up 5% on previous full year.
♦  Patients treated increased by 27%
During the AGM Dr McDougald was appointed Chair of Trustees, she thanked Peter Smith who had stepped down from the role having been Chairman since the charity formed in 2013 though he continues as a Trustee. Dr McDougald thanked all the volunteers who had worked so hard providing the charity's normal services which continue to grow annually.

Volunteer Recruitment 2021

We launched our 2021 Recruitment Campaign called 'Building the Future' on 1st December 2020. During the Coronavirus emergency, many people volunteered to help in their own communities, and they have realised the great rewards of being a volunteer. This is something our volunteers know well, our Chair of Trustees says "you get far more back than you put in". Volunteering makes you feel good, builds friendships allows you to meet people from many walks of life, it builds bonds across the community. It improves self-esteem, you learn key life skills, in first aid, teamwork, communications - opening opportunities for new careers.

Since launching the campaign, we are pleased to say that 8 new members who joined in January have completed our joining procedure, Apprentice and First Aider Training. Training was conducted through February and March via Zoom, distance learning and face to face training. Another 4 new members are currently working through their Apprentice training with another 5 just commencing the joining procedure. We are delighted with the response and would welcome more people who are looking for the challenge of becoming a volunteer.

If you are interested contact Jonathan - email or call him 07791 120083.