Charity Registration Number: 1152694

Welcome to Newark Community First Aid, we are a local charity (CIO) which began operation on 1st August 2013. Our objective is to provide first aid training to the local community and first aid cover at local events. Our aim is to provide a high quality, reliable and professional service. The organisation was set up by a group of dedicated individuals including, doctors, paramedics, health care professionals and experienced lay first aiders.

To ensure our services can be accessed by all, our Community Training and Community Event Services will be free of charge though donations are much appreciated. as this will allow us to sustain and develop. We do have to levy a charge for some services, but our aim is to make these charges as inexpensive as possible to again encourage the saving of lives and reduce suffering. We charge for our Workplace Training and for Large Commercial Event Cover. Our operational area is mainly Newark and a 15-mile radius around the town. All our members providing event services and community training are volunteers, our only paid staff are the training team involved in Workplace training.

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First Aid at Work Course Brochure 2022

2022 Course Booklet

COVID19 Coronavirus

As we enter 2022, we are still seeing a rise in Coronavirus cases – mainly because of the Omicron variant. This could lead to further government restrictions on events, and we are monitoring the situation carefully. In 2021 after the government eased restrictions in May, we saw a steady return of events throughout summer and then a massive surge in events from September right through to Christmas. We are still providing all cover in a covid secure manner and will continue to do so whilst the pandemic is active. We are seeing unprecedented demand for bookings in 2022 and we would urge booking early. Please use our new email for event bookings:

Event First Aid

In between the end of the first lockdown and the imposition of the December 2020 lockdown we saw a return of some events. Our volunteers provided first aid cover whilst implementing COVID security measures to reduce risks to our patients and staff. The Government Roadmap out of lockdown led to certain events restarting after 17th May 2021 and we are now providing event cover again in a covid secure manner. At present the return of events is being controlled by agreements between Government and event industry bodies – with a slow and steady rollout. We would advise event organisers to book as usual and as soon as you know your dates – bookings from mid-August 2021 are building up with very heavy bookings in autumn.

Workplace First Aid Courses

We resumed Workplace First Aid training on July 6th 2020, after guidance from the Government. All our courses have been changed to reduce to a minimum risk to candidates and staff. We are using blended training where possible with candidates using e-learning for part of the course. We have reduced class sizes and changes mean social distancing can be maintained throughout training. We plan to continue to run all courses in 2022 to the same format as 2021 to minimise the infection risks. In 2021 we increased the number of courses to meet what was exceptional demand – our plan will be to do the same again if required – we have set out initial dates in our 2022 Course Brochure. The Course Brochure can be downloaded from our Home Page. For a booking form please email:

Community First Aid Training (FREE Courses)

From January 2022 we are re-introducing this training – initially at low level and dependant on government restrictions. We will start by providing the training to groups on request and hopefully as the present surge in cases reduces, we will return to our normal operations.

We appreciate your support and understanding at this time – we will work with the authorities to help our community through this difficult time.