Charity Registration Number: 1152694

Welcome to Newark Community First Aid, we are a local charity (CIO) which began operation on 1st August 2013. Our objective is to provide first aid training to the local community and first aid cover at local events. Our aim is to provide a high quality, reliable and professional service. The organisation was set up by a group of dedicated individuals including, doctors, paramedics, health care professionals and experienced lay first aiders.

Their vision is to build a local first aid organisation that can provide training and event services to all of the community. To ensure our services can be accessed by all, our Community Training courses will be free of charge as will our Event Services. We believe that by not charging for these services far more people will benefit from the care of our own first aiders, many more people will learn first aid and we have no doubt this will save lives and reduce suffering.

We know from experience that the general public and event organisers will support our services through donations, which will allow us to sustain and develop our operations. The only service where we will levy a charge is for our Workplace First Aid training. Our operational area will mainly be a 15 mile radius around Newark. All of our members providing event cover and community training are volunteers, our only paid staff are the training team involved in Workplace training.

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First Aid at Work Course Brochure 2020

For full information on all our workplace, early years and specialist courses download our First Aid at Work Course Brochure 2020.


COVID19 Coronavirus

At this time of national emergency caused by the coronavirus it is vital that we all play a part in supporting our communities and following government guidance. Newark Community First Aid and all our volunteers are committed to help as much as we can. To clarify our position during this time we have detailed below the position regarding our normal services.

Event First Aid

Many event organisers have already cancelled events in a bid to reduce social contact and we anticipate all will do so during the period of government controls. Once the situation stabilises, we will work with event organisers to reschedule events and provide them with our normal first aid services.

Workplace First Aid Courses

In the light of information received from the First Aid Industry Body and the Prime Ministers speech on 23rd March we will be cancelling all workplace courses during the emergency. Once social isolation restrictions are lifted we will resume training. The H.S.E. has announced that if a First Aid at Work or Paediatric certificate is about to run out at this time an extra 3 months will be added to the expiry date.

Community First Aid Training (FREE Courses)

We have decided to cancel all these courses until the situation returns to normal. We will then reschedule all cancelled courses and once they have run, we will return to booking more courses to support the community.

We appreciate your support and understanding at this time – we will work with the authorities to help our community through this difficult time.