Newark Community Life Saver Scheme

Newark Community First Aid launched their Community Lifesaver Campaign on 10th August 2017. The campaign, launched with the support of the Newark Advertiser, was aimed at training and educating 10,000 people by August 2019 in vital life-saving skills. The reason for the campaign was that England has very poor survival rates from out of hospital cardiac arrest. The latest figures suggest only 8.6% of people survive when their heart and breathing suddenly fail compared with 25% surviving in Germany and as many as 28% in Norway.

We launched the campaign with the aim of training people in key skills such as assessing a patient, so they could recognise cardiac arrest, performing resuscitation and using a defibrillator. We are delighted to say that the first year of the campaign has been a great success we anticipated that we would train 2,500 people in fact we trained 2,668. The previous year we had trained 878 people, so the campaign has produced a 3-fold increase. Over the first year 142 courses have been run in Newark and 29 of the surrounding villages. Research also shows over 9,000 people have read our articles in the Newark Advertiser. We are really grateful for the support of the Newark Advertiser, local parish councils and village hall committees.

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